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By numerobis
Yes, looks like a very strong release.
I really hope for the long-awaited engine improvements in maxwell (dielectrics/caustics etc.). I'm getting tired of all the workarounds needed in maxwell...
Otherwise i consider to update my vray 2 license... now with progressive rendering, new unified material system and new render setup the switch should be easier
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By choo-chee
I have a feeling that NL is focused on sketchup clients more than anything...
and vray is a thing that is more part of the 3ds scene.
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By Half Life
Furthermore, it would be unwise strategy(for Next Limit) to be too concerned with SketchUp at this point... that software is seriously floundering(and has been for a while now).

That said, 3DS Max isn't exactly rocking the world with innovations... so would imagine the focus is in neither of those places.

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By joaomourao
well... it just feels that we are slowing down as for the forum and maxwell testing...
there was I time when I looked at vray users and did not bother because I felt they were in a far past!
now I look at then and question my future... :(
do not get me wrong... I LOVE MAXWELL!! it is my main engine, and I use it for everything :)

so... am I the only one here having this mixed feelings? shame on me?!
question for you NL guys: how can we help improve this amazing software?

we all hate "workarounds" as in vray, but actually they are working around it! ;)

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By Tok_Tok
I also think it's too bad that this contest is again a sketch-up one.. And it doesn't seem very logical to me either, Maxwell Render is a high end render engine and moreover used by the professional industry. Sketch-up on the other hand, for the biggest part, is made for consumers and non-professional users. The Maxwell License for Sketch-up is a lot cheaper so consumers can afford it, a nice touch, but not nearly enough to make a good profit on. And let's face it, a lot of consumers download their software illegally.
So why the focus on sketch-up so much?

(Sorry if this was too off-topic)
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By choo-chee
yeah, esp. when you think that all of us (like 99%) only want much more speed and nothing else... such a small request !
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By Tok_Tok
joaomourao wrote:there was I time when I looked at vray users and did not bother because I felt they were in a far past!
I have never had that feeling, Vray has always been a good engine but I just hate all those settings and Maxwell is just easier and always a bit higher quality, in less time. Except for rendering of course but that's when I keep on working on my scene. I think this will always be true and Maxwell has features which are hard to top, such as Multilight.
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By Tok_Tok
I admit it does look good, but you also have to see those tests in perspective. The frog scene for example has no heavy materials in it and the resolution isn't high at all. The same goes for the hair scene, the body in the render even has a standard material to get the scene as light as possible (can't blame them though, but still).

If you take a look at the Boxx clip the viewport rendertime is really fast, but then again the PC they are using has 4 GPU's and not one of the slowest I'm guessing. What also isn't taken into account is setting up the scene, lights and materials. In these examples aren't any spectacular materials used but in most production scene's there are and that's where Maxwell saves a lot of time too.

I'm not saying the new features and improvements don't look great(!) but you really have to see those tests in perspective. And don't forget we still have new features to be announced yet! :)

zdeno wrote:why we discuss about vray in here ?
You want to guess about Maxwell Render 3.0 again? :lol:
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