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By Q2
Hi guys, need to create a dark green emitter plane with lets say an efficacy of 15 and a wattage of 100 so nearby elements of my object get lit by it.
The emitter material I created always glows in a very bright yellowish green color and not in the dark green color I set it to. And it does not even make any difference to what dark green color I set the emitter, it always turns out bright green!

Am I doing something wrong or am I just missing some fundamentals on physics here?

Cheers Q!
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By Q2
Hi guys, tried everything and it did not do the trick.

Saturation is at 180.

Tone mapping did not change anything

color multilight only changes the brightness but somehow not the color

so, now I tried to use a real dark green jpg converted to an mxi. I will post a pic asap.

Thanks for the suggestions!

By bograt
For light colour, hue and saturation is all you should be concerned with, high saturation is probably what you are after.
light by its very nature is not dark, you have to remember that we only perceive luminance and saturation through contrast, take for example a dark green sheet of card, hold it next to a white piece of paper it will look dark, next to a black piece it will look bright.
To perceive the lights color as darker you can reduce the luminance (wattage/lumens etc) but how you perceive the color is really down to the lights surrounding materials and how bright it is in relation to other light sources.
play around with the hue and increase the intensity of your other lights, if there are no other lights in the scene it is safe to say that the light source will never really look 'dark'
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By Q2
Thanks bogart

Makes total sense now. I also go the same results with my dark green mxi. As soon as I up the intensity I get this bright green color. And if I look at the color picker in Maxwell Studio there is no real "dark" green color present either.

My customer wants a dark green emitter to shine really bright... well that is probably not gonna happen :-)

Thanks again!


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By bograt
No problem. Clients don't always respect the laws of physics as well as Maxwell. I agree with Bubbaloo, It is useful to tweak in Photoshop. Also, I think paying attention to the surrounding materials (even things such as the light enclosure) will help a bit. If all else fails you can fake it in PS but try to keep it within the realms of believability.

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