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By Ernesto
Currently we have a slider for each light source material, and at the bottom of that slider, there are two buttons.
Mute, and Solo. I find these very confusing. Additionally the Solo option, works as its name says, only the first time, since the second time you use it, in another lightsource, you will end having two lights on, in the Solo position. At some point after playing with the lights, everything gets stucked, and the only way to rearrange the settings is to reopen the image, and start again.

I find two possible solutions:

The first, would keep both buttons Mute and Solo, but the way Solo works should be changed, so that each time you press a Solo button, it will switch all the other lights Mute. It shouldn´t be possible to have two Solo lightsources at the same time.

The second solution that I could imagine, is to change the Buttons to simple On, and Off which wouldn´t present any inconsistency. If you want you can add an additional button, to invert the general state, and it could be named Invert.

NL please do not change anything, works perfectly logical for me.
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By Ernesto
I have a file, with 6 light channels two of which are Sun and Sky.
If I set the two last in the solo position, I get an image with only natural light (all the other lights are off in the preview, although they are no Mute nor Solo in the sliders)
When I save the emixer data to be loaded on other viewpoints in the same project, all the channels turn automatically to the Solo position (as seen the sliders) , but the preview will show an image as if only the two last channels would be in the Solo position.
From then, everything will not work ok:
For instance if I try to switch off one Solo position it will turn to Mute, so it was lost the option where the light channels would stay no Mute and no Solo, reducing the possibilities to only two options Mute or Solo.
The only way to get out of this limitation is reopening the file and start again.
If next limit needs an MXI file to test it, I can provide it, together with the instructions to reproduce this strange behabiour.


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