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hey there!

is it possible to render only one specific material in a hole scene? i would like to merge some sss curtains in a room, i would like to render first the room witch is really faster clear without the curtains, and then merge it together. i can't render only the curtains cause the are hided from other objects. another reasen why i don't wont have other materials together with the sss curtains is that when i have to change some materials in this room i don't want render the sss curtains new.

do you have any idea?
i want merge them togehter, in maxwell not in photoshop. but i think im on the right way. i try render the curtains with all the objects witch hide them and put a absolut black material without reflection to the hiding objects. i can so render only the curtains.
you just gave me an idea....
render the scene without the curtains.
render the scene but only with the curtains.
merge mxi and tell me what happend (of course cut unnecessary stuff in PS) or post the image .
What I sometimes do is render the scene without the curtains and then render the scene with the curtains but just the curtains region and their surrounding area. Then in Photoshop you put the patch over the full scene and cut with an mask. The light will change so you'll need some space around the curtains to blend the two images with a soft brush.

You can also... open the curtains! :mrgreen:
Fernando Tella wrote:... The light will change ....

You can also... open the curtains! :mrgreen:
that's exactly the point you would probably not resolve. having a fast render without the curtains will simply always just give you the lighting without the diffusing effect of them....which couldn't be added by just merging with another fast render of only the curtains....

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