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By choo-chee
I've posted it in the Maya section but than I thought that it's actually more related to maxwell itself:
this is what i get after 9 frames (starting from filename.0001.mxs and on):

Start writing MXI file...
End writing MXI file...
[08/August/2013 11:47:46] MXI successfully renamed.
Start writing image file...
End writing image file...
[08/August/2013 11:47:46] Benchmark of 601.877. Time: 2m01s. SL of 11.81
[08/August/2013 11:47:46] Ending render process..

[08/August/2013 11:47:46] Rendering animation. Loading frame:10.

[08/August/2013 11:47:46] Reading MXS:D:/farm/tree/tree.0.mxs
ERROR: - MXS file does not exists
ERROR: - Can't load frame: D:/farm/tree/tree.0.mxs

for some reason instead of loading filename.0010.mxs maxwell stops with this message. what should i do?
By JDHill
If I encounter such issues (not only with Maxwell, but just in general), one of the first things I'll do is to try avoiding the use of filenames with multiple dots. Meaning, it may help to prefer filename_000N.mxs over filename.000N.mxs.

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