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By BigBird00
Hello everyone,

I would be glad if u could answer me on couple of questions.

1. As I see upgrade from v2 license will cost 395 $ is that correct ?
2. Does a license bought in 2010.10.25 "Maxwell Render v2 Standard license" include 5 render nodes ? Because on the Maxwell support center you could read:
"You can only run Maxwell Render in network if you have more than one license, for example 2 Standard licenses or 1 Standard license and 1 Render Node."
And every other place u read that it include's 5 render nodes so how is it.

3. And the last thing, also very importand to me. Do I have to install Maxwell render on every computer that I wish to use as node or I just have to share Maxwell 2 folder to
these computers and from there run Maxwell render node ?

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By Mihai
For nr 1 and 2, best is to log in to the Customer Portal (, and use the "Sales contact form" link to contact sales. The 5 node included in the price was added after 2010 though.

3. Yes, you just install Maxwell as usual on all computers. There is no special node install, it's just the usual install procedure for all computers. Maxwell will only run in Node mode in the computers you start a Network node on.

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