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By RichG
dariolanza wrote:Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are proud to announce that Maxwell v3 has been successfully released today.

We hope you enjoy the tons of improvements, fixes and new features that we've included in this brand new version.


Dario Lanza
Congratulations NL Team. How long do you think licences will take to appear in the Customer Gateway, I realise you will be slammed today.
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By dariolanza
Hello choo-chee,

confirmed and checked that all the plugins in the new updated Download page are new and correspond to v3.

The date must show 2013-12-03

Let me know if you get any problem to download it.

Dario Lanza

in my customer gateway it doesn' show me a v3 update. only the version 2 updates available. is that because I'm on 1.7 right now?
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By dariolanza
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Due the heavy traffic caused by the huge amount of purchase and downloads in this first hours, the Maxwell Render v3 purchase page is temporarily unavailable (although we expect it won't take long).

Please check back in a few hours. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. And thank you for the warm welcome to this new version.

Dario Lanza
By jespi
Hi Dario,

I just checked how much would be the Maxwell Render Suite V3 - Learning Edition and seems like it's limited to HD (1920x1080) resolution. I've been using Maxwell Renders' Educational since V1 ( I have V1 & V2) and It's never been limited by any resolution. Is this correct?, how much would be the upgrade to V3 commercial having purchased educational licenses from V1 & V2?

Thanks in advanced,

By d76
RichG wrote:What's your problem with it as it stands?
i can't find more related threads, they're too old, but this might answer your question. ... =2&t=39957

try to render bottle full of beer with condensation on in and you'll see what i am talking about. with medium priority system you can make it in minutes by simple setting a few values instead of hours of boolean cutting..
By Jenny Fermor
dmeyer wrote:
dmeyer wrote:Did you all do away with the 5x node pack upgrades Jenny mentioned?
Update: I see it here: ... mpaign=mw3

But not in license portal.

I can buy "NEW"! v3 20 node pack for $1395

Or upgrade 20 v2 nodes for $1580 :lol:
Hi there!
I've just checked your portal account and the rendernode upgrade packs do now appear - there were some teething problems with the gateway earlier on so apologies for that.
If you have any further queries please give me a shout directly in
All the best

Jenny Fermor
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