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By bograt
Hello all,

A client has just given me a crazy deadline of 2 days for 2 4k interior renderings, normally I just render on my machines here but this time I will need the help of a farm for sure, I was wondering if anyone has any tips?
Firstly I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good one for use with 3dsmax? What exactly is the procedure?
Time is really tight on this one so any help or tips would be great.

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By Tora_2097
I have used and can recommend the Ranch:

I advise you to download their management and preparation tool which will check and analyze your scene from within 3dsmax for possible errors: ... it.en.html

Everything else is explained in great detail here:

The cost depends not only on your desired SP level and resolution but also on the priority you choose to buy. Higher priority means your project will be started sooner than other submitted projects with a lower priority. It is a good idea to run the provided benchmark tool to estimate your PC power with the ranch. You can then project the cost and time for your scene on the ranch fairly accurately. ... it.en.html


By Delineator
macray wrote:I know and can recommend it also supports quite a lot of engines.
I've used both Ranch and Rebus and Rebus is just a smoother and more straightforward process. There are too many tiers, too many options, and too many ways to mess up the rendering with Ranch (entering in critical information manually instead of pulling it from the MXS, etc)

Just a note: your files and all necessary references have to be CLEAN! That means no special characters (including textures and MXS references), no missing files, etc etc. Rebus software does a check on the file before, and the standards are pretty strict, so you can save yourself some hassle by making sure your models and the references are in good order before uploading it.

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