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I searched the board, but did not find anything. how do you people merge the rendered animation frames to a movie? I am new to this, I use photoshop, but it is a pain. I am not planning on doing this frequently, so I won't be investing in expensive software just for that. I work with Mac, so please no windows suggestions ;-)
I know there is after effects and the like, but that is overkill for now.
would it be easier in quicktime pro or imovie?

In QuickTime Player 7, hit command-shift-O and select the first frame of the sequence then it will open as a movie and you can save from there. QuickTime Player 7 should be on your Mac somewhere, I think it is installed to Utilities now so that you use QuickTime Player 10 instead, but you can't edit with that.
Thanks Tom and oz42 for the suggestions, but unfortunately you missed my initial post, these apps are win only, so pretty useless to me, I had bad experiences with my latest windows emulator on mac, therefore...
but thanks anyway for the trouble.


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