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tom wrote:
Asmithey wrote:I know NL has extended themselves to N.Ildar about the add-on. When the time comes and N.Ildar approaches NL, I hope NL will still be willing to work something out for the future of the add-on.
Good news! We are finally in touch with N.Ildar and I'm happy to announce this here. Currently, we have a lot of internal changes in SDK as we're working on v3. So, he will join and keep his good work when we're ready to share these new changes with him. Therefore, he won't lose time with building more stuff on obsolete methods. Thanks for your patience...
most rendering engine change to use gpu or intel avx to increase speed of rendering time, what new feature of v3?

I am a fans of maxwell render, but I am very disappointed now. I hope v3 have a more speed and noise modification :oops:
Hi all,

Well, the v3 roadmap will be officially announced next week at Siggraph, so for today is still not possible to announce anything yet.

But in this article from FXGuide describing the rendering panorama today, there are a few of sneak peaks about what is coming in the next version of Maxwell: ... ing-part-2

Interesting to read the confirmation that the whole industry is today moving towards the physically correct approach of Maxwell.

Nice article.

More information about v3, next week at Siggraph (LA)...


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