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By photomg1
Hope we get some idea on direction sooner rather than later .Looking to invest in a render node or two in the next 6 months . Wouldn't like to blow my budget on cpu's if I would have been better off going for
more powerful gpu's.
By photomg1
That's what I figured Hatts . I did notice though that real flow is now making use of the gpu for a large speed up in certain simulations . So its not as if nextlimit is adverse anymore to using the gpu for speed up.
To be honest it doesn't really bother me either way . Just want to make sure I make the right investment, as after the new machine/machines i buy I at least want to get a good couple of years out of them.

option 1 good cpu plus a couple of titan cards

option 2 good cpu on 2 machines with cheaper cards (in comparison to a titan anyway)
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