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By eric nixon
Hi Daros, unfortunately maxwell cant render glass which glows due to Internal reflections, tried before.. not happening. Your best bet is fakery.

If you do try, then put the emitter outside the geo. (prob need to photoshop the ambient glow.)
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By Fernando Tella
I don't know if this is fake or accurate, but the effect is possible to achieve:


This a glass cylinder (diameter=1cm and nearly 2m long) with a small plane fit inside near the top end pointing downwards.

I started with standard high grade glass and moved around 1 or 2 scattering coefficient. Emitter is around 15Watts.

The image was around SL24, but I know that's not a problem for you, Daros. Even your picture has some grain also, lol.
By hatts
Eric I thought I remembered you getting some decent results when you were playing with refraction a while ago? Something with a curved glass cylinder in it?
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By eric nixon
EDIT; found that thread, ... t=embedded

hmmm, I dont know where that thread is, as I remember it didnt work. Anyhow I cant see the renders on my HD, so prob got deleted (because it didnt work).

but i do remember that any amount of sss will give it a quite different look - cloudy, rather than 'glowing', the best results came from a rough glass with the emitter outside the glass, but still looked pretty crap.

Also if the emitter is inside the glass the light distribution into the scene was failing.

Basically the problem as I understand it, is that the desired glowing look, comes from almost infinite internal light bounces within smooth glass, so maxwell cant calculate that in a practical time-frame.
By hatts
Yeah I think you're right, but by the end of that other thread, I'd say you had a very usable example for a majority of contexts (most people who are interested in this situation tend to indeed be talking about chandeliers & fiber optic etc.)

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