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By prodviz
Hi all,

We've got large mxi files which are taking longer than 20 min to open in photoshop.
Once these files are saved down to a photoshop format the files open in 20 sec or so.

Is there a quicker way to open the mxi format or a way to render out layered photoshop or layered exr files?


By prodviz
Could this be a RAM issue?

We're using 16GB in our machines and this is max's out, with an additional 13GB or virtual memory taken up.


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By dariolanza
Hello prodviz,

Yes, it could be a Ram issue.

In fact, while the file is being opened in Photoshop, open the Task Manager to monitor the consumption of Ram.
There you will see if your system is running out of Ram during the reading process.


Dario Lanza
By kami
I noticed too that for larger mxi files it can take easily 10 minutes to open (even when having enough free ram). But never experienced 30 min I think ...
By prodviz
Hi guys,

yep, it was a RAM issue.

The opening times posted were on our 16GB machines.

We installed 24GB RAM and Maxwell Render opened the file in 46 seconds and photoshop opened the mxi file in 1 min 30.

Dario, I opened the task manager and noticed that the file took 19-20GB to open
So yeah, the 16GB machines must have maxed out and then grabbed some virtual memory. This must have been what ground the system to a halt.

cheers all,


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