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I want to setup a blend material for two meshes. I use the RFRK in C4D and want to render in Maxwell. The RF test scene have two emitters. Both particle streams are meshed in C4D via RFRK. I setup the maxwell material like in thhe blog post of LuisM. ... h-maxwell/ He uses 3D Max in his example. I think it must be possible in C4D as well.
I setup a maxwell material with two layers , each layer have the same opacity map, Layer 1 one channel 0, layer 2 one channel 1. This maxwell material is attached to the rfrk_mesher. Please see, th eattached screen shot. It doesn´t work ?!

Any advice ?

Also, if they share the same mapping coords, you should just use channel 0 for both. in fact you only need to map the upper layer like Rich said.

btw. use the same nd for both bsdf, and also it is likely to render better just using two bsdfs in one layer (when they mix they become one substance)

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