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By Tok_Tok
When I'm rendering in the background I often do material changes. When I open the Material editor from Windows Explorer or from inside 3ds Max, the CPU priority for both the background render and the Material editor are set to the lowest priority. I don't know why but Maxwell Render always gets priority over the Material Editor and thus making it very slow. The solution for this is ofcourse changing the priority by hand in the Task Manager but that get's very annoying after a while.

Is there a way to change this permanetly?
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By choo-chee
I know what you're talking about.... but I think that if I put another one into the wish list I will be banned ;)
Anyway I got an advice from mihai I think, for maya - you can always use the "import" button instead of "library" button and than you are at normal priority,
and after the first time that you have to browse to the library path, your'e done ...
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