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I have a grid mesh generated in RealFlow 2012 that I am trying to render with a displacement in Maya 2013 using Maxwell with motion blur, (movement+deformation).
If I bring it in with the .bin Maxwell importer it renders without motion blur but if I apply the displacement to it, it still renders but no displacement happens and I get this error in the script editor:
// Warning: Disabling deformation for mesh 'maxwellBINMeshLoader1' because it has variable geometry. //

If I bring it in with the standard Maya importer, apply my mxm and add my displacement it renders fine.

If I turn on movement+deformation blur, the object doesn't render.
If I turn the subdivision level down to 1 it renders.
If I set it up to 2, small patches of the surface render, up to 4, even smaller patches.

Am I missing some basic fundamental item here?
Thanks for your help.

(I have tried on the fly, tessellated and 3d real flow modes and get the same result.)

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