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By MrC11111

I would like to make a realistic marble material with this picture. But I don't know what could be the best way to do it...
Please, any advice?

By hatts
The marble problem is semi-wicked, especially regarding the cracks. There are some usable ones in the resources gallery, otherwise eric nixon has some good thoughts on marble, you should search the forum for previous threads on the topic.
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By Half Life
Here is a simple Marble MXM from your image.

You may have to adjust the Attenuation and/or Scattering Coefficient values (in the SSS BSDF) based on the final scale of the material as you intend to apply it (here is set for the Simball size).

If you want to get very fancy (or do closeups) you could make a bump/normal map for the cracks that are recessed – although this would require editing the texture in Photoshop (or a similar package), since most of the cracks are not recessed.


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