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By jrm1
Does anyone have any tips regarding accurate depiction of the cone of light coming from a lamp? I've modelled a Hunza outdoor lamp that has a fairly narrow beam and my efforts so far have resulted in the beam being too wide.

I tried placing the emitter surface as deep as possible up the light, to try and narrow the beam, but it's not that great. Perhaps a smaller emitter disc ( ie lamp surface) might help?
By jrm1
Thank you.
Do I just plop the IES file into the emitter properties section of the MXM and the rest is taken care of? Am I right in making the emitter a flat disc the same size as the front element of the lamp or should it be smaller?
By jrm1
I'll look at the documentation. Looks like I need a sphere.
By jrm1
It says 'small' but not how small. I guess I should just experiment.
By jrm1
Thanks everybody - all very helpful!

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