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By lebulb
I have a problem with merge tool (Maxwell Studio V2.7.2)

I modeled with Alias ​​(nurbs)
I export obj in the studio (the model is composed of several surfaces)
After merged, I have two artifacts.
(smoothing change nothing) (test with basic material) (normal in the same direction)

I need to merge because I will use sss :? (same artifacts with sss material...)
thank you in advance

model in Alias>

model before/after merge>
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By Mihai
Studio doesn't do anything at all to the geometry when you merge it, ie add or remove vertices to make a smooth one piece geometry. It's not a modeling application. The merge functionality was added as a convenience back in the days when multilight worked with separate objects and you had to merge some of them to get less multilight sliders. So best to take care of this merging in your modeler so it imports as one piece.
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By lebulb
Hello Mihai, thank you for the answer.
Yes, I know that Maxwell Studio doesn't do anything at all to the geometry when I merge it.

I cant merged my model in Alias because it's ​​nurbs surfaces.
When I export it in obj, the model is fragmented, I have no option to merge it in Alias.

I understand your answer, but it seems strange to me anyway.
I make product design and all my model are like that.
I will search another solution but its annoying for my workflow.
Thank you again

EDIT : I make like that for years and I had not noticed this problem before.
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By lebulb
Bubbaloo wrote:These separate objects cannot be smoothed across their surfaces
Then why it works when the surfaces are not merged :roll:

I found a solution with Rhino :idea:
The obj export in rhino automatically merge the model.


But I have strange results (same artifacts) in two situations,
this may explain the merge bug in the Studio : (results obtained with the Rhino export)
> When I reset the coordinates model in Maxwell Studio O.o
(my model is very small (7cm) and I have to divide by 100 after import)
> In other test i have the same artifacts when normals are not in the same direction


I understand that merge Studio was not optimized but it would be great if you improve it :o
+ lebulb

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