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By Ernesto
Is it possible to create an MXI file, from several separated images, each of them corresponding to a diferent emiter, so that the user could adjust them in multilight? I tried to merge two MXI together but I have got a warning saying that the Multilight settings were not the same.

I am trying to overcome the invisible emiters bug ... 30#p363671 , trying to render them separatedly as suggested by Tom: "why not running a quick second pass for it"
The 3D file is the same, but in one pass I rendered some of the lights and in the other the rest of them. The original Multilight channel got divided half in one MXI, and the other half in the second MXI, and I was expecting to merge them in a single MXI in which I could create a Multiligh animation.

I tried also, to complile several files in Photoshop. I rendered all the lights separatedly, and compliled in Photoshop using Linear Dodge mode.
I works for a single image, but I couldn´t reproduce the Multilight effect, so that I could have a Multilight animation. I saw that if the intensity of each layer is changed, the image gets unrealistic. Perhaps this is not the way...

Any hint on how to do it?

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By Ernesto
Dario Lanza answered my question:
Apparently the solution for my project is using the Maxwell Pluggin for After Effects.

I am supposed to be able to use two MXI of the same scene, and combine all the diferent emiters in both files into a single animation as it would be a single merged MXI.
Now I am going to study the pluggin.
Thanks Dario!


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