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By Hervé
I heard on TV Germany is looking for skilled workers.. no idea if it's true though..

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By Hervé
I think most German people speak English too.. 8)

You have 10 min. to pack and go your luggage :mrgreen: . hehe
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By Hervé
Fernando Tella wrote:I'll sing with you: la la la... la la la :lol:

(I won't leave my wife and 2 children behind that easy :P )

By arch3990
I have a problem submitting scores with Benchwell v2.7 on my new System:

System specs:

- AMD Opteron ZS232545TGG45 ES 16Core 2.3GHz 16M/L3 Matches Opteron 6276
- Supermicro H8QGi+-F
- 32GB Crucial Ballistix Smart Tracer PC3-12800U CL8-8-8-24 (DDR3-1600)
- Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS 64 bit

...the benchmark itself runs fine, but not in fullscreen mode as on my Windows System:

when I try to submit, I get this error:
"Can't send benchwell data!" (though connected to the Internet)

when I finish Maxwell the "Downloading..." windows still is on the screen and can't be killed - restart required:

Well, it is not a problem for me :wink: - just to inform you...

Apart from this, the system runs extremly fast and stable with Ubuntu, compared to any Windows system supporting more than two sockets.
I think, when using more than 32 Threads, the current Windows systems are very bad with the thread handling :evil:
By numerobis
I don't know if someone is interested in this topic, but there are already almost 1000 entries listed and MANY of them are obviously wrong, incomplete or doubled - or contain useless comments or advertising. Maybe one third of all entries... or more.
I think the list needs to be cleaned to stay useful. And maybe a function could be added to delete your own entries - i don't think that all users that submitted these entries are so stupid to intentionally spam the list with useless stuff...
Here are some examples from the top of the list:

By numerobis
I just wanted to search benchwell for some newer entries and i gave up.
There are 2000 entries now and i would say at least 30% wrong or misleading. Quite useless now... :(

...but it seems that i'm the only one who's interested in this topic :lol:
By AlexP
That's true, bad thing is IHMO that there is no real cpu clock given, so it's hard to compare result...

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