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By piroshki
Guys, I know I can go and do this myself for my own system, but could Next Limit PLEASE create different icons for MXS files and MXI files? For a company that clearly spends so much money on designing a beautiful product (just look at the manual) I can't understand why this is missing. After late hours of staring a long lists of mxs and mxi files you end up wanting to throw your computer out the window...


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By JDHill
They have different icons, and for 2.0 MXIs, these should be showing up as a preview of the image contained in the MXI. Perhaps you need to restart your machine since you apparently just ran the installer. If that's not it, then I'll need to know what OS are you running.
By piroshki

On my XP machine the icons are the same, at any scale except for "Thumbnail" mode, even after reboot.

On my windows 7 the icons are differentiated at larger scale. In details, list and small icon mode they are the same. Sorry, I should have clarified this in my post.

By JDHill
Thanks, that makes more sense. The icons for details/list/small icon should be determined by the default application for the extension in question, so right-click on an .mxs, choose Open With, choose Studio, check the 'Always use this application' box, and click OK.
By piroshki
Right. That makes a ton of sense. It may be that what I am after is not possible or practical... so I may be down to doing my custom icon afterall.

The issue is that I rarely use Studio at all. I open both the MXS and MXI files in Maxwell: to render and then adjust post-render. I am often going through lists of MXS and MXI files in order to open one for tuning in Maxwell.exe, and its a real pain to differentiate between the two as most of my file names are identical. If the default behavior becomes opening the MXS in studio that would drive me nuts. For now I'm doing to try and dump all the outputs in a separate directory so they won't mix with the MXS inputs...

You can change the icon independently of the application used to open the file. Open an explorer window and go to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types. Select MXI from the list, click Advanced -> Change Icon. Browse for an exe or ico file. For example, if you pick studio.exe, you will see Studio's icon on the MXI files.
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