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By Asmithey
I do not own Modo but am reading through the features on the Luxology web site. The more I look at the site the more I am being enticed.

Do effects such as fur and replicators, which from my understanding, occur at render time?. Do these render with Maxwell render at render time or are features like thses only going to work with the integrated Modo rendering engine?

Are there any Form-Z/ Maxwell users who use Modo/ Maxwell? I'd like to hear what you think of Modo compared to Form-Z? I know this sounds strange to post it here. But Maxwell is my rendering engine :)


By Marton Day8
Hello Aaron,

I can answer your first question. Yes, fur and replicators are render time objects and it is not possible to export these directly from modo. However the next update of the modo plug-in will be able to export some basic replicator items, but not Replicators with Surface Generator Point Source. (The new plug-in update is not ready yet, but it will be released soon.)

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