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By tischstuhl1
Hi all,
I have a problem with indirect lightning. The booth is illuminated with some HQI spots and an imaged based environment light. In the corner column (material: Vetro opalino) on the right side there is a hidden emitter.
Rendering with the hidden emitter muted result is fine,

when the emitter ist turned on I get these "fireworky" lightspots (diaphragm spots?) in the picture. ... otostream/

What have I done wrong?

Thanks for some hints
By zdeno
even fireflys are the most beautiful in maxwell from all rendering engines.

but seriously

if You used Vetro opalino with SSS (I found two in mxm think site) - this is not good to put emmiter behind SSS material.
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By tischstuhl1
hi Mihai,
I tried rendering with another emitter, no change.

thanks zdeno,
your SSS-tip was right. now everything is fine!
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By osuire
Any chance of improvement on emitters behind SSS materials ?
It would be great if I could light-up my tensile membranes from inside for night shots...

By donb
I have a problem with indirect lightning.
I didn't know Maxwell did lightning. Cool! :P

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