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By Polyxo
Hi All,
I saw this today:
Both Maxwell V1 and V2 installed on a Win7 64 system have completely stopped working -
each single component of it. Neither does Mxed start or studio or maxwell.exe, regardless
if called from the plugin or Standalone... Everything crashes immediately ("has stopped working")
without even showing the UI.

Of course I have reinstalled the app and rebooted but no change.

Lately I crashed the machine once while Maxwell-rendering with an overclocked cpu.
Consequently I reset all settings to normal and everything else works again as expected.
Could this be related in a way?

Thanks for any hint!

By JDHill
I think you should try to look at the event log to see if Windows can provide more detailed info about the crash - it sounds like a required (probably for Qt) component has been damaged; the installer would not be able to detect that, so reinstalling probably would not help.
Texture/finish lost in render.


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