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By tennet
Hi, What can I do to make this scene render less noisy. I know it's only reached SL10, but it doesn't get much clearer the longer I wait.


My main light is the Physical Sky, the window is just an open hole in the wall (no glass materials..). I've read somewhere that poor lighting conditions can cause noisy renders, but this room is supposed to have just one lightsource (the window).. is it possible to still get a clean render?

Hope you can help me we some tips or ideas. Thanks in advance!

// tennet
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By Bubbaloo
It shows on your screencap that you only let it render for 5 minutes? C'mon, man... :wink:

Interior renders commonly need MUCH more render time. Much more. Much.

If you add some "fill light" emitters inside the room, it will clear faster. But that might not be the look you are going for.
By kami
what also helps:
place an emitter just in front of the window (outside) and disable the physical sky completely. it will be much faster, but you won't have these nice colours from sky/sun
By arkviz
tom wrote:For results faster than 5 mins, you should consider renderfarms.
I believe this render will be noisy after 5 hours. Maxwellrender needs all of direct light to illuminate objects visible in camera. Ph. sky illuminates house from outside too and it takes samples from this source. I made recently some test and result is if i have 2 lights in the 2 room appartment (1 light in each, one is much stronger) and inside camera is only darker room, i get much more noise. This noise disappear if i turn off stronger light, that doesn't iluminate one room. Another example like this, i had livingroom and looked inside through opened door into the bathroom without window. Result was the same. Iff only lights in bathroom were on, it was clear image at low SL, about 5-6. If whole apartment with daylight was lighting too it was very noisy at SL 15.
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By tennet
Thanks for all your replies! :) OK, so interior scenes will render longer then. I'm used with product images that I do and they often start to look pretty clear at about SL 10 and they are most often done at SL 15. This render were still very noisy after SL 15, but now I know why. Need more patience then.. Thanks!

// tennet
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