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By naxos
I'm right now starting my new company (i used to be teacher at Pole3D, french 3DCG college...
I whant to act in the unbiased market... but i'm now in the time for choose :
Fry or Maxwell ?

i'll post a new topic about this crucial question...... of course, i'll post the same on maxwell's forum too...

I don't whant to start a war, just to get some clever advices...

So please, tell me why Maxwell is better ? cause i can't afford both 2 softs on my future rfarm...

thanks for play the game with no stupid answers or something
By rusteberg
i think it would be best to try each of them out through available trials and see which one works best for "your" needs. it's "your" process which can answer that for you....

feedback from such a question in polarized forums will produce biased results.
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By naxos
you right, in a way...

but i know lot of forum people have tested both... and i'm especting some clever things from them...

i guess one is best in such market area, and vice versa,

maybe we could answer for some kind of jobs, forex. ext. archi, internal archi, design, animation, etc...
Allthough not unbiased, the real-time changing of materials Fry has , can be an advantage...
By tokiop
naxos wrote:i'll post a new topic about this crucial question...... of course, i'll post the same on maxwell's forum too..
you're at it ! :D

Regarding your question, I think the best for education is not to focus on a tool in particular.. of course you will need a tool or another to practice, but the theory behind must be pretty similar on all unbiaised renderers (maxwell, fry, luxrender, sunflow..). So you could focus on physics of light, optics and materials more than on a software.

I find it a shame that most graphic studies nail you to one software or another (may it be 2d or 3d), usually tools that costs hundreds.. then the students think they must own this "Super Master Genius Creative Graphic Toolset" to be professionals, when it is a mater of understanding and using pixels, vectors, colors, composition, polygons, textures.. which is not tied to a software.
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By yolk
naxos wrote:i used to be teacher at Pole3D, french 3DCG college
a french 3D school for pole-dancing strippers? awesome! why did you leave???
By Josephus Holt
a few more plugins with Maxwell.
Plugins for Rhino and C4D as well as support just don't get better.
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By Jan
I have both engines, and must say that at this time the speed are very similar.

Fry have color tonemapping and better render UI (in my opinion), but integration and workflow (specially in 3dsmax) are a lot (a looooooot) better in maxwell.

Fry has RC4 (now RC5), but we are waiting fot it for almost 3 years.

Network is much better in maxwell.

Render starts faster in maxwell, but in animation the exported frames take much more disk in maxwell, since fry allow to export only things modified over the animation.

Fry is cheaper, since it comes with 3 full licenses (1 Master and 2 slaves that are full licenses but must been used on the same network), and for a bit higher price maxwell only gives you 1 license. You can additional render nodes on maxwell at half license price, but fry sell slaves for 1/3 of the full license.
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