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By Furumaru

In another thread a user say's: "NEVER use Lamberts for actual scenes unless you're testing geometry. Just for everyone, the First Commandment is DO NOT USE LAMBERTS THEY ARE NON-PHYSICAL."

What are Lamberts in Maxwell and how can i avoid them?

By JDHill
You create a Lambert by setting a BSDF in your material to Roughness = 100.0. To clarify the meaning of that quote, it is not so much that such materials are 'non-physical' (this is Maxwell, after all), but that pure lambertian surfaces may only exist in theory, and as such, may be considered to be rather 'non-realistic'. To get a working idea of what this means, try this:

1. open MXED
2. right-click Material Properties in the layers tree
3. choose Add Layer; a new Layer and BSDF are added
4. set the BSDF's Roughness to 100.0
5. right-click the material preview
6. go to Select Scene > stage1
7. refresh the preview
8. right-click the material preview
9. click 'Store'
10. set the BSDF's Roughness to 99.0
11. refresh the preview again
12. right-click the material preview
13. click 'Store'

Now, you can compare the two stored versions by clicking the Back/Forward arrows near the bottom-left of the material preview (it should say 2/2, indicating that there are two material-states stored). As you will see, the difference between lambert and non-lambert is noticeable, and this can make quite a difference on your rendered scenes.

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