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By Banyai
Have created a new "leaf" texture by replacing the texture maps of the pre-existing tree leaf material provided with Maxwell 2.0 with a new texture map of another tree species.

The material editor crashes always soon after start of voxelization of preview leaf scene, 6 seconds before ending preview. Preview looks OK, but Windows closes the programme. Maxwell studio crashes too when new material applied. The Maxwell render does too crash after a short while. The .tif image used for mapping is not relevantly different from the original Maxwell one.

Have checked, that the mapping was in every case replaced with the new one. No visible grounds for the crash.

I try to create trees for formZ using directly Maxwell materials to avoid the formZ plugin problem with transparences.

By Banyai
Win 64 Vista.

I furthermore noticed, that Maxwell is much less permissive with geometries than formZ. They must be much more accurate to render correctly.

Thanks, I´ll look for the bug, you mentioned.

Kind regards,

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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!