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By naxos
Hello there,

with a "known 1.7.1-working scene", version 2.0 sometimes crashes during voxelization...

i move a little bit the camera (dolly out), then voxelization works...

funny isn't it ?
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By naxos
fresh new PC : dual xeon with 24gb ddr3 ram, plenty of HDD space...

i can render that scene... but i have to send it to render about 3-4 times before it does not crash...

even 2 times it was rendering and when i came back to PC to check, just clicking on the window to select it, crash...

my mx installation is fresh new too... i don't understand...

is there any log option to set to try to know what happens ?
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By tom
naxos wrote:even 2 times it was rendering and when i came back to PC to check, just clicking on the window to select it, crash...
You click on which window? 3dsmax or Maxwell UI? Is this happening during the render?
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By naxos
windows 7 business, 64bits... true license (no activation trick)...

maxwell 2.0 64 bits too...

can't you make this scene crash maxwell ?
a putty because as my install is fresh and new, i can't find any disturbing misinstallation...

my antivirus is ... antivir

firewall from win7...
iv had this happen randomly on scenes too.. and i just dolly/move/touch the cam out a bit and it works.. dont have any scenes per say saved(it was during tests) but iv definatly experienced random maxwell crashes before voxeliztion

winxp64 w 16gigs of ram 300gig 15000rpm sas boot drive 2x quadro fx 4600 cards
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By naxos
yes, randomly...

dolly / move can help, but often i have to move or dolly camera about 5-6 times before render starts without crash...

the crash comes most often during voxelisation... (only once dureing rendering)

the crash is a windows error box : the one with "close / wait...."

i'll look next time if one dump can be saved or something, but i don't think so.
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By Asmithey
Hi there,

I had this issue once with 1.7.1. So I began turning of layers and rendering tests. I nailed it down to a bad object. Once the object was removed the original camera position was fine. I had to move the dolly no longer. It was very strange. the object was an instance as well.

Hope that might help.

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By naxos
i can check for bads objects... but i did not model this scene, and it is an architecture model... so some hundred of meshes to check...

i wish maxwell log could tell us whitch object gives fault... or better : it tells us, then ignore it to render the rest...
often bad objects are ignorables : empty meshes, small zero-sized faces etc...

dear Santa, can you put that ignore stuff in next MX release ?

Texture/finish lost in render.


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