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By jvanmetre
I think there are few people with a workflow from Rhino to MW on OSX...haven't purchased the upgrade yet...are you able to export using pack and go from the Rhino/MW plugin and open in Studio and render on your OSX machine?


By JDHill
Hi Jim - the 2.x plugin has a new pack and go function that works more simply than older plugins. What it does is:

- copies all referenced files into a /textures folder next to the target mxs
- alters all paths in the mxs to point to the newly-copied textures, using relative paths

So, the mxs has no relationship to the machine on which it was generated; when you render this mxs in maxwell, it should find all the files automatically no matter what machine the file has been moved to.
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Thanks Luis, it's great to see progress with MW!

Thanks Fernando!