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By jvanmetre
I think it's great that Nextlimit released a demo version of MW 2.0 to try -- it seems to be much faster and responsive versus the previous release and I will make the upgrade. However, given my own experience with the inconsistencies of using MW 1.8 on OSX -- it's not clear if a few things don't work or are just disabled because of
the demo status. For example, tried to save an image using the manual save after rendering...image would not save on OSX platform.

By knurrebusk
I have huge bugs with ies emitters, but I know this will be solved.
Perhaps I´ll use my money on Vue 8 first, MR2 can wait since ver 1.7 is better then anything out there.

Never thought I do this, but Vue 8 is worth it for me.
Texture/finish lost in render.


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