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By Richard
I'm yet to play with V2 (downloading trial now) but a little confused.

I've been chatting with a chap on the SketchUp section of the forums about a better way to facilitate the location of IBL and backgrounds with sketchup. The original plugin for V1.7.1 does not effect any offset values to the environment map so this now seems to be fixed in the V2 plugin.

However his screen shot from studio shows the offset values measured in degrees yet screen shots on the THINK site that refer to environment mapping show offsets as %.

Can anyone suggest which is the current way offsets are valued in V2?
By JDHill
Image based environment offset is specified in degrees now. It was a late change, so there are still places (the Rhino/SW UIs, for example) where the units are still mistakenly labeled as being in percent.

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