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To render over the network you need a standard license and at least one node license. The standard license (on the manager computer) can be used to render as a "node" while acting as the manager. Also, if you have only a standard license, then you can still use the manager, node and monitor as a render queue to render multiple scenes in order. Make sense?
andrebaros wrote:I think that answers my question.
I'll have:
one standard license for my work machine.
one standard license for my manager machine (which also renders)
4 node licenses for my machines which only render
Keep in mind that your work machine can also serve as your manager machine. Only get two standard licenses if you have the need to use two computers as work machines.

1 standard license: work machine and manager (can be used as render node also)
5 node licenses: 5 rendering machines

6 total computers
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