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By Tea_Bag

As some of you know I've been making V2 materials and needed to improve my bump maps! - I'm seriously doing something wrong as when I try and
improve my bump maps I seem to be back to square one! Here is a bump map I'm currently using and its used in 2 layers and set to 15% on each!
I've slightly blurred the map too! I drew in the dark black lines as more contrast gives better bump but it doesn't seem to help!




Have tried the global bump but results remain the same! - Arroway textures at 15% bump really defines the bump in the grouting! I do understand that arroway have been doing this for years and they might have a special bump mix but I should get pretty close tho!?

Same Map but at 35% Bump


Has this got anything to do with being a demo version?
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By Bubbaloo
Bump is nice and much improved in V2, but it's nothing compared to a little displacement...

You could also try using displacement for only the grout lines, while using bump for the tiles. Bump is only a shading trick, so when you use it to try to simulate deep grooves such as these, the results can be less than realistic. Bump's effectiveness also relies on lighting direction unlike displacement.
By brodie_geers
Might be interesting to try applying your bump map to the default material. That should give you a good idea of how the bump is doing by itself. I agree, it looks pretty weak.

By brodie_geers
I grabbed your bump and applied it to default material with a setting of 30, here are the results.

It seems like the results are coming out pretty well to me. It even looks like everything except for the grout could be softened up a fair amount. Maybe if you post the color image I can test that out too?

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By Tea_Bag
@Brian - I have now used displacement for the grout lines!! and wow! I'm so impressive with the low amount of displacement I need - Its looking good with a low displacement percentage of 0.25 and a precision of 8! So render times are fast! Plus its V2 :D

@numerobis - No change in the grouting but more bump visible on the surfaces!

@Brodie - No change Brodie applying it to default material but your test using the posted map is interesting and i'll test kami's theory based on the texture sizes when I get home tonight! Thanks for the test Brodie! :)
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By 3dtrialpractice
Tea_Bag wrote:Unfortunately I don't own Photoshop :(
have you tried gimp i think it can use photoshop plugins too?? andits FREE
you may already use this but i think if you creat the same image in GIMP and photoShop such as a BUMPMAP there wont be any render difference..
ALSO.. i saw it come up somewhere once..that COLOR space.. mainly GRAY color space has a uniqe effect on bump as by the default photoshop colorspace treats what you want to be 50% grey reallyas a 55-60% so you have to chance your space to sgray space then 50% gray outputs to 50%. gray.. OHH I think i remeber TOM posting a tutorial or note about it.. you can search his threads on 50%gray or gray bumpmaps
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By Maximus3D
You guys work in mysterious ways.. try using the sliders and values you got inside the materialeditor for those types of adjustments and if you can't get it done there then do the rest in some imageeditor whichever name it has, there's no requirement it's called Photoshop. :)
Just a tiny tip from me, the small details in the materials is what impresses people. Even if they barely can be seen they should be there as they can catch reflections and light and add just that extra step in realism to your materials. Play around with various different textures in your material until you get that jawdropping look and feel. :)

Remember this.. the devil hides in the details. Bring him out!

/ Max

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