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By paxreid
I am attempting to save a few layouts in studio, similar to what used to ship with V1.7 (i.e. material setup layout, camera setup layout..etc) and have run into an issue with viewports not retaining their settings. I have set up a simple layout with 4 viewports. I want the typical top, right and front viewports (all to be wireframe mode) and then a perspective/camera mode. I setup the layout as described it as "camera setup". When I return to this layout...none of the viewports maintian the desired views or shading (wireframe) modes. They all default back to perspective/shaded mode.

Is there something that I am missing possibly? This is not saving time if I have to setup the viewports each time I switch a layout.

Initial Layout - Saved as "Camera Setup"

Screen that shows after I return to the saved "Camera Setup" you can see all viewports are reset to defaults

Thanks for your help.
By paxreid
Yes, I remember this was the case in 1.7 too. I was hoping for an improvement.

Well...count this as a vote for at least an option to save the viewport settings. As you can imagine, it does get quite annoying to have to re-setup the three viewports if you want to adjust a camera, etc.


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