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By Richard
Maximus3D wrote:He has to be registered at the forum to read that thread. Maybe grab a screenshot of it and post a link to it here would work better.

/ Max
It would trouble me if he hasn't yet seen it! I'd also be interested in NL's views of how Thea may have achieved this, it was one of their very early feature posts and supposedly prior to optimisations!
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By Richard
As a quick run down, thea produced caustics and close to correct refraction through a single plane with no volume!
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By Fernando Tella
Maximus3D wrote:I have been accepted to betatest Thea and it's Modo plugin so when the testing starts then i can run alot of experiments to see what it can and cannot do. It's gonna be fun! :)
Atleast one of those tests will involve this.

/ Max

It's great to hear that! I hope you can keep us informed...
I am really, really glad to see that most of the people in this forum are not blind :)
I have used Kerkythea, the freeware renderer created from the same team, (Giannis Pantazopoulos is Greek too...!!!)
and I can tell you that Thea will be a great product...
You can do whatever you want and how you want it...Biased rendering for quick previews or even final images with great materials and environment control... The greatest tool ever is Instancing Brush... like Vue echosystem... Great for arch renderings... This is the kind of tools that we need even if they are considered as modeling tools....
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By Richard
By the way I was corrected the single plane solution offer by thea actually produces physically correct refractions and caustics!

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