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By mashium123
can't hold myself any longer and need to share urgently the joy that some features and improvements in v2 give to me :D

since i have seen quite a few renders that had been made during the beta-tests, i hope it will be ok, when i illustrate one of my fav. improvents also with a render that i made quite a while ago.
ok, the render was just a loose test-scene, but i love the mass of emitting objects... you gotta keep in mind, that we're coming from a place, where every emitting object more had almost been one emitting object too much for ram, for render-time, for everything... :D

49000 emitting objects. 15min render.

btw: if you see me not posting anymore for a while, then obviously "some" people did not like my posting ;)
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By Tea_Bag
Nicely done!

Unbelievable Improvements!! This is what I like from using V2 (Demo) for a day now!

Stack Layers,Bump,Normal Maps etc - Textured and Solid Materials look and feel much better!! (haven't tried sss and translucent mats yet) :shock:
Color Space - Beautiful! :)
R2 file Integrated - Thank you very much it was needed!
Studio Interface - Love the tab arrangements! the overall feel and layout is great IMHO!

Hopefully more to come! :D
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By Maximus3D
:shock: that is an impressive amount of emitters there.. keeping in mind it used to be difficult to get a clean image in X amount of hours using only one emitter in 1.7.1, they must have done some major core improvements now hehe

From the few tests i've done so far i can say that the things i like the most about 2.0 are..
- Speedimprovements, awesome!
- Noisedistribtion and reduction, yess!
- Stacked layers in materials, excellente!
- The tiny previewrender finally matches the rendering! this thing annoyed me for years.
- Thin SSS, yes please finally. This is very useful!
- Modo plugin, yay!
- Color multilight, something i wanted since i first saw the competition having it.
- The improved SSS which you can create glass like translucency/transparency with now, very cool!
- and a bunch of other stuff.. but these are the major stuff that puts a smile on my face when playing with 2.0 :)

The only drawback is the high upgrade price which shuts alot of us hobbyists and freelancers out of this upgrade. :(

/ Max
By brodie_geers
Max, out of curiosity what were you hoping the upgrade price would be? I was actually pleasantly surprised by the price, however I'm not a hobbyist so that probably affects my perception.

Fernando Tella wrote:I think the price would be fair if 1 full license included 3 extra rendernode license.
A fair price is not a number...
What would be fair is that NL has some profit from this great product... That's all...
I agree that it is not easy for someone with 10 licences to upgrade but imagine that all this time NL hasn't asked for extra money for the 1.x updates and now Maxwell 2.0 is great so we have to pay for this...
What I have to say is "Thank you NL Team" for such a great improvement... The speed gain is obvious and the new material system is great... All I can wish now is for working instances in Max for Revit dwgs but it is not your fault...
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By mverta
Trust me, even the giant list of improvements and examples Tom just posted could've gone on for pages documenting every last thing that was agonized over since 1.x. Having been there for every second of it, I can assure you they earned it. I have honestly never seen a group of people as passionately dedicated to what they do, seemingly tireless and impossibly patient when it comes to stubborn issues or implementations. There are 100 times a day when one can cut corners to make life simpler for themselves, and despite fatigue and frustration, they have stayed true to the founding principle that Maxwell be as physically accurate as possible. I'm sorry not everyone will upgrade to 2.0, because for me, it is an entirely new experience, and one I'm proud to have been any part in helping develop and test. It's hard to believe that Maxwell is so young, given the bar-setting quality of its images. I've said thank you to NL tons of times behind the scenes, but here's a public declaration as well: in the end, I'm a customer, too, and a happy one.

Thanks, NL!

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By Q2
Well, I have to admit, I am officially IMPRESSED with this new version of Maxwell. So far I tested quite a bit and I had no crashes or hick ups. None what so ever!!!

Network rendering in working flawlessly and studio is looking great and has lot's of useful improvements. All my old scenes do render faster and need only small adjustments mainly because of the better bump mapping in V2.

And the new Modo plugin works fine too.

Just wanted to thank the Next Limit team for the great work they did!

Cheers from New Zealand

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By Brett Morgan
Good call Max, Mike and Q2, I think the users who purchased Maxwell @alpha stage have had a pretty good run for their money, and the upgrade price is pretty fair.
Nextlimit have to make money too, and the NL team has done a pretty damn good job.

-Still astonished at the speed improvement
-Modo plugin finally, makes life a lot easier
-Studio seems a lot more solid, love the new layout
-Still exploring the rest

Congratulations from Australia!

By GTJC460
I'm a pretty new user to MX. I'm impressed mostly by the speed increase.

My only regret is I bought my license of 1.7 about a month before the upgrade for free deal was announced.
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Thanks Fernando!