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By Richard
I've been trying to see if there is any information as to whether the issue of intersecting instances has been fixed but no note of it in the "what's in the upgrade" info!!

Anyone can shead light on this?
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By Richard
My best guess is though that as there is no mention - V2 still has the same bug!
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By Richard
Certainly one of the testers or NL themselves could answer the question. I'd certainly be disappointed if they lauched V2 with bugs that still existed in V1!
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By juan
Hi all,

Apart from adding an enormous amount of new features we have rewritten most of the render engine and fixed literally hundreds of bugs. However we can't assure all the bugs existent in v1 have disappeared in v2, Maxwell is just too complex to make this sort of assertions. What we can say is that we have been working 7/24 for many months and we are very happy with the results; and will continue working as hard as we can to make v2 as bug-free as possible. Regarding this specific issue (which is more a limitation rather than a bug) we have worked on improving it, and in many scenes you will see the enhancements, but it could happen that in others you can't see the benefit since the performance dropdown could be due many different things. In any case if we find issues here, we will do our best to get it ready for the first patch.


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By Richard
Thanks Juan for the reply!

I guess that means any intersecting instances may or may not show a speed loss! Therefore from that one could safely assume that any speed loss is likely one of those cases that haven't been fixed! Would we also be safe to assume that we will most likely find that the first time we intersect we will have a speed loss, and miraculously bumped into one of those cases!

Yeah doesn't sound good! :(
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By Mihai
It's not always when instances intersect that there is a slow down. We have tested scenes that have shown a speed gain, the kind of speed you would get with normal instances instead of using real objects.
By brodie_geers
So it sounds like there are still issues with instancing, it's just that they're different? Or maybe 'less predictable' would be more accurate? Have you found any rhyme or reason as to which sorts of cases cause slow downs and which cases cause speed increases? And from your tests does it seem to be a 50/50 shot or are you typically getting good results with only the occasional issue?

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