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By 3dtrialpractice
I downloaded the "hi res file" but it was only 21 k even though its a .mov but quicktime wont play it...what do i do now to view the high res video? im not familiar with how quicktime views torrents.. do i load it as a itunes playlist?

EDIT: i downloaded the flv and it is plenty of res for me
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By 3dtrialpractice
at the begining of the video i am "guessing" that all those mxm presets are the ones from maxwell v1.x as maxwell v2 does not install with all those variety presets now
By Josephus Holt
#310907 others...thank you, thank you. Very clean tutorial/presentation, easy to be understood. Joe
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By macray
@ 3dpractise: have a look in the download of the customer area. the arroway textures are available now (though I think they are the same as included in 1.7) try copying them to the arroway texture folder and have a look at the textures again - they work as far as i tested.
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By mverta
Gary wrote:Hello Mike,

In your material tutorials for 1.0 you spent time at the beginning setting up accurate/neutral lighting. In this 2.0 tutorial you have switched over to IBL. Can you comment on what your considerations were when switching over, how you achieved neutral lighting and what your HDRI is like.

Thanks for your very informative video!


Thanks, everyone, for the comments; glad you enjoy the tutorial!

Gary, this tutorial just didn't cover my usual neutral lighting setup because it wasn't the aim - it was a basic introduction to materials only. In truth, even in my original 1.7 tutorials I talked about using either IBL or emitters as part of the neutral material setup, and in this case, I've been noticing myself lean towards IBL because it's fast, convenient, and I can choose from a number of different environment/lighting setups quickly.

I make sure to use only high-quality HDR images which have a nice dynamic range, and distinctive lighting quality. I have about 5 or 6 that I regularly use which cover most typical lighting scenarios.

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