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Nice to see that a high resolution version can be downloaded via torrent. Wish... You know what...

2NicoR44 - this tutorial is only for us who are waiting for our downloads. You have already got one! So it is not intended for you! :mrgreen:
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By big K
thanks mike for this.

i just wanted to download via torrent, but it wouldn´t hurt to setup at least one seed !?
Thanks a lot... Always good to see your tuts...
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By mverta
Definitely, and it just requires the understanding of a couple of parameter relationships, which is why I show them step-by-step and explain what's happening. Makes all the difference when you understand what's doing what, and it makes creating materials fun, which I think it should be!

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By tom
Watching tutorials from Mike feels like discovering Maxwell once again. So tempting! Thanks, Mike!
Yes, the tutorial is great. Thank you.

BTW could anyone (Mike?) seed the "mov" version via torrent please.
By Gary
Hello Mike,

In your material tutorials for 1.0 you spent time at the beginning setting up accurate/neutral lighting. In this 2.0 tutorial you have switched over to IBL. Can you comment on what your considerations were when switching over, how you achieved neutral lighting and what your HDRI is like.

Thanks for your very informative video!



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Nope :wink: