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By Richard
Wow I'm almost after the dummies guide for pricing from Ranch. I seem to just not get it - could have my dumb cap on today!

I'm just after a some examples quickly before I have to do any bench test and calculator work to see what it costs do do a large render, seems a lot of work to find out just for indicative price!
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By RenderFred
Hi everyone,

I am glad to announce two new free tools which should prove very helpful for our customers: :)

- RANCH Sync runs in the background on your computer and automatically downloads your project when it is finished. And if you have enough credits in your RANCH Safe, it can also download your animation frames as soon as they are rendered. Of course the traditional http and ftp downloads are still available. RANCH Sync works with every 3D software supported by the RANCH.

RANCH Sync screenshot

- RANCHecker is a standalone application which gathers all the resources needed by your scenes (no Pack'n'Go in Maxwell Studio required) and prepares them as verified, ready-to-render project archives, ready to upload to the RANCH. Moreover, the program is able to benchmark your system and to give you cost/time estimations for your cooperative projects! Please note that Maxwell Render is required to run the benchmark and estimation functions. In any case we highly recommend you install this free update, as the MXI format has changed since 2.0.1, and older versions will not recognize MXIs generated by

Project preparation in RANCHecker
Cost/time estimation in RANCHecker
RANCHecker estimation results

Both programs are free and available in PC and Mac versions. You can download them on the RANCH for Maxwell Render web site homepage.


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By RenderFred
Just to say that the RANCH is now running with Maxwell Render

We still support 1.7.1 for those who have not yet upgraded, but only until May 1st, 2010. After that, we will support Maxwell 2 only.
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By RenderFred
A new version of our free tool, RANCHecker for Maxwell Render is available (1.1). For a description of the tool, please see three posts above. I highly recommend to RANCHecker users to update, as this new version supports Maxwell (most notably changes in some Maxwell internal scripting functions). It also has a new web update function, so that in the future the application itself will automatically download new versions.

Download page is here.

Note that even if you never send a project to the RANCH, the software might be very useful to you for its SL/time estimation and benchmark tools.


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By David Solito

I downloaded Mac RANCHecker version 1.1 and it quit during phase 1 of the benchmark.
What's the problem?
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By David Solito
Ok... need to rename "RANCHecker_Maxwell_mac" folder to "RANCHecker_Maxwell".
(If you try the help button, it says pdf file can't be open)

Benchmark succesfull!
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By RenderFred
Hi everyone,

I am pleased to announce that from now onwards, all Maxwell Render projects will be processed on our RANCH Runner.


The new system is 2.5 to 3 times as fast as the 'old' RANCH (which could hardly be considered slow). You can see some benchmarks here and our latest Newsletter here

Good things to know:

- a project which took one hour of render time is now done in around 20-25 minutes.
- in a given time, the RANCH Runner often reaches SL+2 compared to the old Ranch (18 instead of 16 for instance).
- we can render super-heavy projects as each RR node has 24 GB RAM.
- the gathering+merging phase is also 2.5 times faster, which means that a full merging from all the RANCH Runner nodes takes 8 minutes with 2 GB MXIs, when it took 20 minutes before.
- the MXI size limit that we can process (2.5 GB) is now increased to 5 GB.

This massive speed increase does not cost more to our customers. In fact on many projects it costs less!

The supercomp is driven by proprietary software developed internally, which ensures fast reactivity and maximum optimization.

We hope you will love this performance increase as a great way to boost your productivity... and sell more renders to your customers :)

RANCHecker for Maxwell has been updated to support the RANCH Runner, we highly recommend you download the new 1.2 version.

See you on the RANCH!

By numerobis
very cool... i want one too! 8)

...the door on the left side... is this the toilet or the living room?!? :mrgreen:
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