By ekrantz
Hey guys,
After about 12 hours of rendering I can not get the background tiles of this image to clear up, for some reason I keep getting strange pixelated edges on the shadows the bottle is casting. This is my first render using C4D and Maxwell, so I am sure this is user error. Any ideas how I can get rid of this?

By ekrantz
I don't think so. I am using an Arroway texture that came with Maxwell. I would assume it's not low res.
By JDHill
Hi Elizabeth, I agree with Bubbaloo, and I can see pixels in the color map too. What are the actual pixel dimensions of the maps being used?
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By Bubbaloo
I was going to check the dimensions of those arroway textures that came with Maxwell, but something has happened to them, they have disappeared. Anyway, if I remember correctly these textures were downsized samples of Arroway's very large, high quality textures for sale. So, I would definitely find a higher res map set for the tile. Even if the Arroway texture was high res, it was still created to cover large areas (whole walls) with no signs of tiling, so a close-up of a few tiles isn't going to look that great. Know what I mean?
By ekrantz
sigh. yup, makes sense. Looks like I'll have to find a different texture for the tiles. Thanks for the help guys.

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