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By zoppo
Hi JDHill - i recently had various problems with proxies in Vray.

Stefan Laub from VrayforC4D told me that the MW plugin is known to be interfering with other plugins and to delete it while working with Vray proxies.
I did so and it worked.

He said you are aware of this issue and it should be fixed with one of the next releases. Do you have any information / time table for this?
By JDHill
Hi zoppo,

I am guessing I will release a small update in the 1-2 week timeframe to take care of the glitches which remain in As far as I know, the issue with vray is taken care of, but I will have to ask Stefan to confirm this. He got me an NFR of his plugin to test against, but I have not yet been able to duplicate any issues here, so if you have a test scene you could send me, I would like to confirm for myself whether there is any conflict or not.


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By zoppo
I don't have this specific file anymore, it was just a test scene. But I will see that I recreate it later this afternoon and PM you the file.

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