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By jc4d
Hi all, I´m having problems with the MR instances in my project, as you can see in the firts picture the blue objects are instances in one beam, the rest of beams are MR intances and it render ok, but when I instance the whole object (second picture) the bule ones disappears :?
(I don´t know if this makes senses :lol: )


Here´s the file in R10 ... 50ee67338c

By JDHill
The instance object has to be careful that it does not allow infinite self-references between objects, so there is a limit (it is arbitrarily set at 10). I am not sure whether that's what's happening here though, and I haven't yet looked far enough into it to know for sure. However, try dragging the instances ('Instance Arch' - 3 copies) out from under the 'Arches' null, so they are direct children of the 'Cone' null - in my test, that allows them to be rendered.
By JDHill
In reality, you should almost never bump into that limit - it is there only because Cinema allows us to build illogical structures. If there was no such thing as a link, this would not be true, but using a link, it is very easy to build a structure where an instance's link refers to another object somewhere above it in the same tree. So I have to protect against that. It gets worse when I allow instances to refer to other instances, which may then refer to other...well, you probably see what I mean. As I said, in this particular case, I don't think that should be the reason why, but it is also hard to say what the tree looks like in memory once all the objects are 'baked' down into polygons - basically, in memory, things look like they would if you called Current State to Object on everything in the scene. So, it gets a little tricky sometimes to find out where the source of an issue actually is.

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