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By spekoun
How to set texture preview size? I found pulldown for setting this but it does not show in view. What do I wrong?
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By macray
I wanted to tell you to increase the size for the cinema mat (material/editor/texture preview size) - but just realize that this might not be useable for mxm-materials...
By JDHill
Is the texture set as active? To make it so, use the dropdown button with the 'eye' icon, located just below the material preview image (see p. 34 in the plugin manual).
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By spekoun
Of course i have selcted texture as active. I tried several ways how to refresh view. Only one way how to change preview size is: remove texture > set size > load another texture... "dynamic" setting size does not work...

Edit: Now I set in preferences size 512x512 and old scene loaded with this size of texture preview. So this is good enough for me...

BTW plugin looks very good. Much better then previews versions. Thx JD
By JDHill
Oh, I see what's going on - for performance reasons, the plugin has to cache the bitmap for the viewport; the scheme it's using is too aggressive to notice a change in texture preview size. If you make a different texture active in the viewport, then switch back, the viewport preview bitmap will be re-created using the new texture preview size. So thanks for noticing - I'll change things so that modifying preview size will correctly trigger a regeneration of the viewport bitmap.
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By macray
texture preview is working for me. Thanks for the advice.

I've got another problem with the textures:
- textures are setup and rendering fine in Cinema
- textures display correct when inserted in maxwell materials (using the eye button in the maxwell mat)

- moving of the cubic projection to adjust the position of the texture is not translated to maxwell
- rotation of cubic map is not transported to maxwell
- if I use textures that are not square they get distorted (at least the one that I use)

(I can send you the model if necessary to have a look at it. pls, give me your adress if that helps to find the mistake. Hopefully it's on my side and got nothing to do with the plugin.)
By JDHill
Unfortunately, this is a new bug introduced while fixing the triangulation issue in the previous version. It should only affect objects like cube/sphere/cone/etc. - the temporary workaround is converting to a polygon object.
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By macray
unfortunately it IS a polygon object... Though I think I can find back the original extrude-nurbs.

I'll give it a try and come back here if it doesn't work.
By JDHill
I have not reproduced the problem using a polygon object, so if you would send me this (polygon) object, I'd like to make sure it is working with my fixed code. My email address is in my forum profile, btw.
By lllab
yes it seems only on generator objects in my test.

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