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By Rochr
I´m running the exact same as you. The 64bit version of course.
I´ll try to come up with something here as well.

I´m not sure if it makes any sence, but perhaps it would be an idea to try replacing what i have with an unzipped working maxwell plugin folder.
If someone is willing to share one that is.
At least we could rule out corrupt files that way.

What do you think?
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By Mihai
The error message looks to be about a 32bit application, but you are running Cinema 64bit? I thought on XP64 all 32bit applications are installed in the Program Files (x86) folder?
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By Rochr
I thought the same thing when installing it, but some programs doesn´t seem to work that way.
Cinema4D 64bit installs in the Program Files (X86) folder.
By JDHill
Basically, the two Program Files folders are abstracted from the application's view by the OS, when it uses the proper OS functions to learn the location. An app that's running in a 32bit process should be given the '(x86)' folder, and vice-versa. A common issue arises (as likely seen here) when you try to write a 32bit installer for a 64bit app...the installer, running in a 32bit process, finds '(x86)' when the intention is most likely that it should not.

Rochr, pm me with your email address and I'll send you raw files to see if that makes a difference.

[edit: I see you have your email on your forum profile, can that take 10MB?]
By JDHill
Thanks, email is sent...
By Becco_UK
Rochr: There are some problems, including triangulating actual Cinema scene mesh, with the new plugin that makes it worthwhile using your old, stable combination until the plugin gets fixed.

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