By Mr. Gog
It looks really good!
All I can say:

Thanks JdHill - Next Limit team
By Mr. Gog
Instances works nicely!
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By macray
Was there an information e-mail from NL? I would have missed this update if not for someone posting it in a german cinema forum.
The last mail I got was for Sketchup and Form-Z.
By Mr. Gog
No mail!
By adri
New plugin???

Does this mean we can use MW with C4D R11 64 bit on OSX?

By adri

Just got the 'new' plugin..

64 bit on windows .....YES

64 bit on OS X .....NO

Why can't we Mac users have the same advantages that the Windows users have had for some time now???!!!

It is just not fair!
By JDHill
Not fair? Well, say that it takes four weeks (an imaginary number) to:
  • do the 64bit osx port

    - or -
  • implement instances
Which choice is more 'fair': the one that only benefits 64bit osx users, or the one that benefits all users? You decide. 64bit osx support will be added, but it was a lower priority.
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By JorisMX
come on, folks.

Give the man some space. Without JDHill's effort we would probably be still exporting to MXST all the time. These features of the last lets say 2-3 versions are amazing, and eventhough some people might go "Well, Studio can do all these things and the Maya plugin can do this and that blabla....".

I don't think this kind of motion keeps developers going. Be a little more supportive...

I can't wait for a fix to the new Plugin, however I'll be hapily using 1.71f for as long as it takes.
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