By dynaraton
In the new plug - When I place a map in the aperture slot it goes into the obstacle map upon rendering.
Also vice-versa:the obstacle goes into the aperture slot.
Anyone can confirm this?
By JDHill
Thanks for reporting - it was switched around in the code.
By dynaraton
JD - you may want to check out the Frequency setting. It always goes to 500 in Maxwell no matter what value entered.
Also, Vignetting check box is unchecked/grayed out in Maxwell when set to 100% in the C4D Plug-in. Lower values seem fine.
I'm sure these are easy fixes.
By JDHill
Thanks, the frequency problem is an SDK issue which affects all plugins, afaik (I am writing the value, but it's not getting into the file). Regarding Vignetting, it works differently in the plugin on the advice of a tester who feels it is confusing as presented in MXCL. What that means is, if (in MXCL) vignetting is disabled, it is at 100%, i.e. Maxwell does vignetting by default. To reduce it from 100%, you have to turn it ON, then reduce the amount. To disable it, you have to turn it ON and set the value to zero. The plugin just tries to make it seem as though these things are not the case, and I'm not personally sure if it was best to obfuscate it further or not, even if the intention was to make it work more logically. I mean, I like how it works in the plugin better, but it may be a little confusing to reconcile the two - if it wasn't, I guess I wouldn't be writing about it here.
By dynaraton
Thanks for the explaination. I usually fool around with these settings after a render anyway.
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