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By spekoun
When i export scene camera is very wide. When I open scene in studio, everything looks fine. Only thing I found ou which can correc camera is Film Back. I have to correctit to W=0.032. Then is camera same as in C4D. Do I something wrong, or is it a bug?
By JDHill
There's a previously-reported bug where the perspective will be off (i.e. film back is wrong) when the output resolution has a portrait aspect ratio - does this sound like the same thing you're seeing?
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By spekoun
Maybe. But perspektive is wrong ragrdless of aspect ratio. I set resolution 1800x1200 and 1280x720. Perspective was wrong in both cases. I opened scene in studio corrected film back and persp was fine.
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By zoppo
Do you use "write mxs" for export?

This seems to export the "Active View" and not the "Render View", which is very inconvenient for network use.
By JDHill
You're right - this is an oversight - I'll make sure it uses the Render View resolution when just writing MXS files in the future. About the original issue Spekoun, thanks - I was able to duplicate this on 1.8 CTP using your 1800x1200 example. I didn't dig out the old code to figure out why, but lots of things have been tweaked here since the release and it is working fine on my current code.
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By tennet
I am also experiencing problems with the camera when rendering with the new 1.8 plugin. I use a camera in portrait mode (21x30 cm 200 dpi). Attached is a test file I did that shows how much more cropped the rendered image is compared to the camera in the viewport. Same problem when using the new "render region"-tag. The selected region is much more cropped when rendered.

I am using Cinema R11 on Mac OSX. I am rendering directly from Cinema using the "Selected render view" (R).


// tennet
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By Assistant

Sitting also on Mac and Cinema R11 with 1.8 plugin. As "Tennet" says I have the same problem. This just gives me the problem when Im going to render an interior but good with reference points so i can zoom out to get the right/same perspective.

Also using the function "Selected render view"
By JDHill
Thanks, it will be fixed in the next version.
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By tennet
When will the next version be released?
By JDHill
asap - it's ready to go.
By jespi
Thanks for the info Jeremy.


By adri
can we have the new plugin please?????


Can anyone tell me where I can download older plugins?

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Thanks tim :D :D Leo